Event Description

The idea for Ride For Nepal is simple – it’s cyclists showing their support for Nepali Bike Guides and others in the Nepalese bike industry that have been affected by the recent earthquakes in Nepal.

1) Pick a date between the 1st & the 29th May 2015.

2) Go for a bike ride – on road, off road or on your crosser – and record your mileage.

3) Donate £1 / mile (or km) ridden by clicking on the BOOK NOW button on the right which will take you to our Ride For Nepal Just Giving page

4) 100% of the monies raised will go directly to people employed in the Bike Industry Sector in Nepal who need help.

As we are a bike industry business we want to tailor our support to those affected in the Nepali bike industry – the staff, the bike guides and the crew of the Kathmandu based independent biking agency we use for our trips in-country and for the owner and staff of the bike shop that we always use in Thamel.

Many of our colleagues and friends in the Nepali bike industry are not only affected today by the effects of the earthquakes as they work in a tourism dependent sector they have lost their livelihoods for the foreseeable future – we want to assist our colleagues to maintain direct control over their lives. Over the years we’ve built up close working relationships and friendships with many colleagues in Nepal and we wish to help the people who have looked our clients, ourselves, and many, many other visiting mountain bikers and cyclists in Nepal over very many years and who have enriched the lives of so many who have ridden in Nepal.

Our aim is to provide this practical help by providing direct financial assistance. This will allow those in most need to buy essential items like water, food and medicines for themselves and their families in the short term.

By using our independent, long established and trusted biking agent in Kathmandu, with whom we are in regular contact, we are able to ensure that 100% of funds raised will be distributed to our bike industry colleagues in Nepal. Payments of around UK£75 per person will then be made  directly to their office staff, their bike guides & trip crews as well as the bike shop that we regularly use.

Our agent will keep a simple written record of who receives what, which we will publish on our website in due course. Rather Be Cycling’s pledge is that 100% of the funds raised will go to people in need in Nepal.

Just Giving Crowd Funding regs specify that the funds will only be released by Just Giving if they EXCEED the set target we have set what we hope is a realistically and achievable target that is still a sum that will have a positive effect for many people. Therefore it’s vital that we hit the £1,000 target – if we hit £999 or less then Just Giving will not release those funds – no pressure then!