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Rather Be Cycling Events have many years experience of organising and promoting successful cycling, sporting and general events. We offer a range of professional event services including bespoke event organisation and management.  So if you are looking for professional event planned, organised and delivered by a team who are passionate about cycling, then look no further!

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Relive 'Rather Be Cycling Dog Walk'

Rather Be Cycling …… whilst walking the dogs

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Family Guy - Cyclist "I'm one of these guys"

Have an awesome weekend everyone

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Busy scanning some old pics today and came across this one from back in the day …. Riding in a pursuit race at Manchester Velodrome with my old pal Graeme Obree “walking the line” and giving me the schedule. #ratherbecycling #inspirationalcycling

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Today is .. wait for it .. Three Biking Word Friday

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Some inspiration to keep this year’s fitness going over the Winter for next Summer’s riding adventures. The Furka Pass #ratherbecycling #inspirationalcycling

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Rather Be Cycling - Cycling Holidays & Events's cover photo

Stelviooooooooo 🙂

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Rather Be Cycling - Cycling Holidays & Events's cover photo

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One of our favourite road climbs is the Ghisallo above Lake Como in Italy. This historic climb rises up from Bellagio on the shores of the Lake to the very moving Madonna del Ghisallo chapel, which is also known as the Cyclist’s Chapel by Papal Decree…

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Replace one or two words in a film title with the words “Chamois Cream”. No prizes but hopefully a giggle for all 🤣🤪 #ratherbecycling #inspirationalcycling

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Photos from Rather Be Cycling - Cycling Holidays & Events's post

All of RBC’s cycling holiday itineraries begin life as a recce trip. For us, it’s absolutely fundamental that we’ve been over the roads, tracks or trails that we’re planning to use and have scoured around to see if there’s better alternatives. We find..

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