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Rather Be Cycling Events have many years experience of organising and promoting successful cycling, sporting and general events. We offer a range of professional event services including bespoke event organisation and management.  So if you are looking for professional event planned, organised and delivered by a team who are passionate about cycling, then look no further!

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Today is Three Biking Word Friday – the “just because it’s nice out it doesn’t mean that shorts and short sleeved jerseys are the law” edition 🤓

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Dusty Nepali Trail with Rather Be Cycling

A wee film clip from Nepal. Chez & I sweeping the back of a group down a powder dust jeep track in the Inner Terrai. More on Rather Be Cycling’s Trips in Nepal – #ratherbecycling..

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An early start in Nepal rewarded by that amazing light you get when the sun starts to burn off the morning mist.

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Today is Three Biking Word Friday …. this message is brought to you by Storm Erik, today’s UK sponsor.

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Croatia 2005. En-route to Canada via Australia

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Hadrian’s Wall to Holy Island | Rather Be Cycling

In need of a short cycling adventure on your mountain or adventure bike? Join us cycling Hadrian’s Wall to Holy Isle between Mon 25th March to Friday 29th March. Call 017687 78848 for more details.

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Photos from Rather Be Cycling - Cycling Holidays & Events's post

Complete & Discuss. You know you’re a cyclist when …….

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Allright Geysers ….. that’s this summer’s Iceland Gravel Recce trip all sorted and the flights booked. Can’t wait to go back again … thermal hot pools, new gravel roads, mountain huts and hopefully warm, wafting dust and not torrential rain & too..

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XC From Deep in the Himalayas to Historic Kathmandu | Rather Be Cycling

Snowy days!! Is it a bit early to be dreaming of a white Christmas? Why not book yours in 2019 – on the MTB Trans Nepal Trail departing on Saturday 14th until Sunday 29th December. A Rather Be Cycling must do trip.

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