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Rather Be Cycling Events have many years experience of organising and promoting successful cycling, sporting and general events. We offer a range of professional event services including bespoke event organisation and management.  So if you are looking for professional event planned, organised and delivered by a team who are passionate about cycling, then look no further!

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Question for the roadies …. If there are two roads, climbs or descents – one you haven’t ridden yet and one haven’t ridden for years – and you could ride both in 2019 then give us your what’s, why’s and where’s please.

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Cumbria Crack

If you hadn’t heard expect snow and rain freezing on contact with the ground tomorrow. Might be a turbo / Zwifty kind of a day.

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Today is, finally, Three Biking Word Friday – the “Hey there Mister Blue Sky (at least in Cumbria) edition. Enjoy !!!!

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Can you help settle an office debate PLEASE !!!! Which is best …?

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New top tube frame sticker time but beaten to it …..

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It’s close enough now ….. Your 2019 cycling related resolutions please.

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After a rather quiet social media week with us today is Three Biking Word Friday ……

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Today is Three Biking Word Friday. The “your latest biking related purchase” edition #threebikingwordfriday #ratherbecycling

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's cover photo

A wee bit of photo editing has brought out the dawn colours in this shot to pretty much as my eye saw them on the day. Just before I took this pic I had the joy of riding along with five multi point stags running along next to me. They crossed the forest..

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