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Rather Be Cycling Events have many years experience of organising and promoting successful cycling, sporting and general events. We offer a range of professional event services including bespoke event organisation and management.  So if you are looking for professional event planned, organised and delivered by a team who are passionate about cycling, then look no further!

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Today is Three Biking Word Friday. #threebikingwordfriday #ratherbecycling

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Photos from Rather Be Cycling - Cycling Holidays & Events's post

Great day for a bike ride or two… #ratherbecycling #MasonInSearchOf #FastFarGnar

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Please complete My N+1 bike will be a ……….

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CLIF Bar Presents: Make it Good "The Biker" (EXTENDED)

Clif Bar have supported our clients on Rather Be Cycling Holidays and us since we began over 9 years ago & this sums up why we like them – ‘Make it Good’ #clifbar #ratherbecycling

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Today’s quick poll. The sun is out. Do you ……

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Spring 2019

Spring Rather Be Cycling eNews just out ….

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We are all In Search Of Something – for us it’s adventures. Now it’s just the where? Thank you #MasonInSearchOf #biketreks #ratherbecycling #RideDrivenDesign #FastFarGnar #FastFar #AdventureSport #MakeProgress #adventurecycling

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Today is, due to circumstances outwith my control*, officially …… Three Biking Word Saturday 🙂 * Date of Birth Syndrome and it’s associated forgetfulness & general brain fartiness is, after all, outwith my control.

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Arena 1981 | Officina Battaglin

Just chatted with Alex Battaglin re their very limited edition Arena Columbus SL framesets. There are just 10 build slots left in the limited production run of 38. If you’ve not seen the pics online over the last 24 hours yet then check this out

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Share YOUR stories and pics of YOUR road. It doesn’t matter if it’s tarmac, gravel or singletrack trail. Uphill or down, wiggly or straight every rider has a bit of road somewhere that they call their own. It’s not about Strava times but about a..

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